1. Keystirras

    Update 11/28/20

    I've released this update a little early, there may be more items added as the week is still young. As always, if you find any bugs, please report them to me asap! + Updated some chat cosmetics + Added Mob Hoppers (Level 5+ hoppers can now farm mobs automatically!) + Added item linking to...
  2. Keystirras

    Update 11/21/20

    If you find something wrong, please report it, we have updated to spigot 1.16.4 so some features may have broke! + Updated more plugins to be compatiable with 1.16.4 + Added coinflips! /cf create <money> <heads or tails> + Updated server to 1.16.4 + Added AFK kick (30 min afk timer) +...
  3. Keystirras

    Update 11/14/20

    + Fixed /msg command + Fixed spawn protection overlap + Up interest rate in bank + Fixed message in Vote crate (And vote item) + Fixed /bank top money + Added /jackpot (To buy entries use /jackpot buy (number of entries) Each entry is $3,000 + Fixed /rules + Added Chest Sorting -- Read...
  4. Keystirras

    Update 11/7/20

    This is posted a week late, i forgot to post the updates here. If you want current updates if i forget to post here, join our discord! + Added support for 1.16.4 Remaining at 1.16.3 till more plugins are capable of 1.16.4 + Added donation store http://donate.edencrafters.com/ + Updated plugins...
  5. Keystirras

    Update 10/29/20

    In this update we've added multiple commands to help players connect with staff, and fixed some bugs that our plays have reported. If you have anything you would like to see in the server, let us know! + Added /nightvision to shop + Added extra features for staff + Added /helpme command to...
  6. Keystirras

    Accepted PurpleRichy's Staff Application

    Your application has been approved! Your rank has been updated ingame, forums, and discord. Welcome to the team!
  7. Keystirras

    Denied Scorpacula's Staff Application

    Your application has been denied for the reason: You have yet to join the server. You may re-apply in 2 weeks.
  8. Keystirras

    Update 10/24/20

    In this update, we have fixed a few bugs that players and staff have noticed. If you feel any bugs, please report them on our Forums or in our Discord. + Fixed Farms and Leaf Decay + Increased the speed of which day turns to night, vise-versa + Decreased reward amount from $5000 per vote to...
  9. Keystirras

    [Update] Hotfix 10/23/20

    In this hotfix, we have fixed a few bugs that players and staff have noticed. If you feel any bugs, please report them on our Forums or in our Discord. + Added the /vote command + Fixed permissions for /towny top + Fixed Permissions for /list + Fixed Permissions for /delhome + Added locks to...
  10. Keystirras

    Forever and ever!

    Forever and ever!
  11. Keystirras

    Server Information / Help

    Crafters of Eden Crafters of Eden is a Towny server unlike all others! We aim at providing the best Minecraft experience you can have! We are always working on improving our server, and keeping our players informed with any changes that may occur. Getting Started When you first spawn into the...
  12. Keystirras

    Keystirras's Staff Application

    User name: Keystirras What is your Minecraft username? Keystirras How old are you? 22 What is your discord name? Keystirras#9421 What timezone are you in? UTC -7:00 During what hours of day will you be active? 5-8pm Do you have a microphone to communicate via voice chat? Yes...
  13. Keystirras

    Welcome to Crafter's of Eden!

    Welcome to Crafter's of Eden! Crafter's of Eden is a Towny server with many custom features, Morphs, Slimefun, and more! We are planning on doing monthly updates with more great features to improve everyone's experience! We are currently looking for staff! If you would like to apply please...
  14. Keystirras

    Not as bae as you <3

    Not as bae as you <3