Accepted PurpleRichy's Staff Application


Staff member
User name: PurpleRichy

What is your Minecraft username? Zombakiller1

How old are you? 22

What is your discord name? PurpleRichy#7919

What timezone are you in? GMT (+01:00)

During what hours of day will you be active? 5pm Onwards (Until about 11PM, depending on the day)

Do you have a microphone to communicate via voice chat? Yes

Do you have any previous staff experience? Yes

What server(s) and what rank? Owner on my old Server and Admin+ on a few other servers.

Why should we choose you to be staff? I am very friendly and am very familar with all vanilla commands (and commands from certain plugins.)

I will be able to moderate chat and ensure no one is hacking/glitching/exploiting. (And most of all, I will protec XD)

Have you been warned on our server? No


New member
Staff member
Your application has been approved! Your rank has been updated ingame, forums, and discord.

Welcome to the team!