Update 2/6/2021


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+ New background for our website!
+ Re-Added Delta to the discord server
+ Improved detection speed of hitbox check (Anti-Cheat)
+ Introduced a queue system to process multiple velocity packets for lagging players (Anti-Cheat)
+ Increased performance to the over-heat feature
+ Increased performance with Resource World
+ Hopper Minecarts will no longer be removed during lag removal process
+ Added rewards for killing Slime to the Hunter Job
+ Added rewards for killing Magma Cubes to the Hunter Job
+ Updated API's for disguises (Used for Morphs)
* Fixed report message which was being sent as a helpme one.
* Fix Petrify upgrades (it should go up to level 3 now)
* Fix Fireball upgrades (fireball projectiles weren't correctly registering entity hits in modern MC versions)
* Fix issues with Teleport action when target context has been changed
* Fix some issues processing true/false or numeric wand overrides
* Fix Rocket spell
* Fix issues with broomstick handle getting stuck in your inventory, they are droppable now
* Fix brooms and armor stand projectiles not working in the other side or netherside
* Fix Grenade and Boom bypassing the indestructible block list
* Fix wand cast overrides not working for boolean or numeric values
* Fix some specific issues with overlapping casts
* Fixed GUI opening in disabled worlds
* Fixed mob noises having too high of a pitch
* Fixed issue where ender dragon couldn't shoot fireballs
* Hex colors from item names can now be displayed. Previously the color would be rounded to the nearest color.
* Fixed an issue that caused hoppers to be able to be broken when someone has the GUI open.
* Fixed an issue that caused the boosting GUI to not be accessible.
* Fixed an issue that caused players to be able to get more than 64 items out of the output slot of the furnace GUI.
* Fixed the /ranks command
- Nerfed ChatReaction rewards
- Turned off action bar message when spells like Boon and Cloak ran out of mana