1. Respect all players

    We want Crafter's of Eden to be a safe environment for players to socialize and have fun. We want our players to be able to socialize with others in a respectful manner for all ages. While we allow swearing in moderation, it should not be directed to players in a harmful matter.

  2. Cheats and Exploits

    Here at Crafter's of Eden we like to ensure player's don't have an unfair advantage. This includes Hacks, Cheats, Macros and other behaviours that are used to gain an unfair advantage. Bug exploit's are not allowed. If you find a bug, report it on our forums or to an staff member. Doing so you may get a reward! If you suspect someone of cheating, you should find a staff member, if no staff members are online take screenshots or video and post it on our forums.

  3. Player & Account Saftey

    Players have the right to play in an environment which is safe from account phising, scamming and account selling. Player's should not give out any personal information on our network. Players should not scam other's if you are caught scamming this may result in a warn, kick or ban depending on the severity. Account selling is a bannable offense, if you suspect someone's account has been sold, please report it to staff as soon as possible.

  4. Build Claiming

    Player's should only claim builds that they own. Claiming other people's builds is not allowed.

  5. AFK Farms

    AFK farms are not allowed. An AFK farm is something that will keep players from triggering the automatic afk system.

  6. Staff

    Staff member's are the law! If they think you are breaking a rule, even if not listed they may punish. If you feel it is an unfair decision, please contact an Owner or Co-Owner.